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  • What is your turnaround time?
    We ensure a fast turnaround of ~24 hours or less for all services, including our Full Luxury Package.
  • How should I prepare the home for the shoot?
    Declutter to present a tidy space. Turn off ceiling fans. Enhance natural light by opening drapes and adjusting blinds parallel to the floor, unless the view is unfavorable. Ensure all lights are on and bulbs are working. Clear cars from the driveway and avoid parking directly in front of the home. Remove yard signs. For twilight photos, turn on all interior and exterior lights.
  • How long does a typical shoot take?
    The duration varies based on the selected service and the home's square footage. For instance, a 3,000 sqft home would approximately require 45 minutes for photos, 45 minutes for video, and 1 hour 30 minutes for a 3D tour. Therefore, opting for the 'Full Luxury Package' would mean around 3 hours for a 3000 sqft home, with the time adjusting according to the size of the property.
  • Do I need to be there for the shoot?
    It's not necessary for you to be there. If neither you nor the homeowner can attend, we'll need a way to access the property, such as a garage code, electronic door lock code, or a hidden key.
  • What is the best way to use the Luxury Video and 3D Matterport Tour services?
    Maximize your Luxury Video by sharing it on YouTube and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We provide both branded and unbranded versions, perfect for linking on the MLS. For the 3D Matterport Tour, add the supplied URL to the unbranded link in the MLS's dedicated section. This ensures your 3D tour appears on all major listing websites.
  • How long will my 3D tour be hosted?
    Your 3D tour remains hosted for the duration of your active listing. If you remove and relist later, just contact us to reactivate it.
  • I need to reschedule/cancel the booking. Where do I do this?
    Log in at the top right of our website and go to 'Manage Bookings.' In this section, you can easily reschedule or cancel your booking as needed.
  • Where do I access my files?
    Once your order is completed, we'll send you an email notification. Simply log in at the top right corner of our website and go to the 'Files' section. There, you'll find all the files and links for your listings.
  • How do I download the files from the supplied Dropbox folder?
    Hover over the file(s) you'd like to download. Click the checkbox next to the file(s). Click Download.
  • I downloaded my files but I am having problems using them. Why is this?
    The files are delivered in a .zip file, which is a compressed folder containing all your files. To use the files, first extract them from the .zip file on your computer. To do this, right-click the .zip file and select 'Extract All.'
  • Why is my video being flagged for copyright on social media?
    This can happen occasionally. To resolve it, simply dispute the copyright claim with your social media platform, informing them that the media company producing the video has secured the usage rights for the music.
  • What if it rains or there's bad weather during the shoot?
    In case of rain, snow, or other unfavorable weather, you have a couple of choices: Proceed with the scheduled shoot. We'll focus on capturing the interior media. If the exterior can't be completed, we'll return to complete it at not extra cost. Reschedule the entire shoot to a more suitable day.
  • What time of the day should I book the shoot?
    Any time of the day will work great. However, if you're interested in a twilight shoot, feel free to contact us. We'll advise you on the ideal time slot based on when the sun sets.
  • How much would it cost for a shoot outside the local Boise area?
    If the property is within a 1-hour drive from Boise, there's no extra charge. For locations starting at 1 hour away, we charge an additional $100. For every hour of travel beyond that, the cost increases by another $100. So, a property 2 hours away would incur a $200 additional fee.
  • I logged in through a new email. How can I get my old listing files?
    Let us know about your email change by providing both your old and new email addresses, and we'll transition your property files to the new account.

Have a question that wasn't answered here? Contact us and we will get back to you within a few hours!

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